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Sep 14, 2010 12:05am PDT
] to the other side of the world! [ cheers and applause ] you're going to australia! we are going to australia! you and you and you are going to australia! [ cheers and applause ] we're going to australia! >> jimmy: wait, where are they going? oh, australia. why didn't she say that the first time? yes, oprah's taking her entire audience to australia where she will re lease them into the outback and hunt them for sport. [ cheers and applause ] it will be some trip. [ applause ] it makes it very hard on other -- on other hosts. oprah says she always wants to go to australia. she wants to see if $100 bills flush down the toilet backwards. not only are they going to australi australia, john travolta is flying them there. john that vol thravolta is a pi. he's flying the plane to australia. the fate of 300 passengers and our most beloved national treasure is in the hands of vinnie barbarino and they're excited about it. i'd rather have a regular pilot. we can't afford to send our audience to australia. we don't have oprah money. i know. but we did want to do something for you special. so t
FOX News
Sep 10, 2010 4:00pm EDT
really? >> i still see him, yeah. and i look his company. he is -- as we say in australia he is a good bloke. i thought he did a great job in discharging the first responsibility of a president and that is to protect the country because the big worry everybody had as i recall after that attack nine years ago was when will the next one come? >> neil: that was the fear, right? >> yes. >> neil: and guys like you and i had the pleasure of chatting with you not too long after 9/11 and you said we can't let down our guard and be complacent. increasingly, prime minister, the world did. >> that is human nature. you can't stop that. i think in, you know, a tribute toward bush he brought in a lot of measures. some people grizzliesleed about them but they worked and there were no further attacks on the america mainland. there were near misses. the christmas day fellow in detroit. >> neil: but you had no doubt, no reservations about equating this to a larger war on terror? >> oh, no. >> neil: and you and tony blair and just a couple of others, but really you leading the pack said no, this is as pr
Sep 7, 2010 7:00am EDT
? >> and now, "bbc world news." >> australia's julia gillard gets the top job after two independent mp's back her. she stays on as prime minister, but will lead a minority government. >> prepared to deliver stable, effective, and secure government for the next three years. >> welcome to gmt. i am george alagiah. a world of news and opinions. welcome to the program. jose manuel barroso's delivers the first state of the eu speech, and warned about jobs. how iraqis get on without a government. >> is 9:00 p.m. in the australian capital, where julia gillard has retained the office of prime minister. the inconclusive election last month left three mp's holding the balance of power. in the end, it fell to one of them to give his decisive backing to the labor leader. julia gillard says it is proof of a strong democracy. others say hers is a minority government, volatile to the winds of politician. >> it was the election campaign that lasted five weeks. the political deadlock that followed lasted 17 days. at times, the process felt like the movie open " groundhog day." it all boiled down to " ind
Sep 14, 2010 2:00pm EDT
surprise for the audience is pretty big. she's taking the entire audience from the show to australia. australia gets in return a huge bill. wait until you hear how much it will cost australia to have oprah and friends come. at the end of the day. [ female announcer ] relaxing for who? try new market creations from lean cuisine. the new steam pouch locks in the fresh taste of crisp veggies, tender chicken, and al dente pasta, new market creations from lean cuisine. that's not how successful investing is done. at e-trade it's harnessing some of the most powerful yet easy to use trading tools on the planet to help diversify, identify opportunities, take action. it's using professional grade research and your brain to seek maximum returns to reach your goals. it's investing with intelligence and cold hard conviction. you made the money. you should have everything you need to invest it. e-trade. investing unleashed. time to face the pollen that used to make me sneeze... my eyes water. but now zyrtec®, the fastest 24-hour allergy relief, comes in a liquid gel. zyrtec® liquid gels work fa
FOX News
Sep 14, 2010 3:00am EDT
] you're going to australia! we are going to australia! you and you and you and you are going to australia! >> we are going to australia! we are going to australia! ue the plane up! meet the pilot. >> let's say hello again to captain travolta. >> i don't know. how can you be so eccstatic about going to australia? haven't these people traveled before? >> can you imagine being trapped for 23 hours with those hens? >> there was one man in the audience, one man in the audience. i can see this one guy and he was -- >> he was crying louder than anybody. >> travolta was equally as excited to see him. >> going hot tubin later. here is what i don't get. these people have families. how do they all just -- >> not anymore. >> what are they going to drop their kids and go to australia? >> there has to be like four round trip tickets or you can get cash instead of going on the trip. one thing that is interesting, i'm wondering what is in the suitcases they wheeled out. the first thing i thought was like bricks of cocaine and that's why they are excited jie. that would make me excited. that wou
Sep 7, 2010 6:30pm EDT
weeks of political deadlock have ended in australia with confirmation that labor's julia gillard will continue as prime minister, would be backing, at last, of to independenct mp's. she has been near west possible majority. nick bryant has this. >> it is like the finale of a tv reality show, with the winner kept a closely-guarded secret until announced live on television. it came down to two of the so- called 3 amigos. >> my vote will be done to the julia gillard government. >> i am confirming for the governor general of australia that i will do today what i have always done, ironically, and give confidence to government. >> julia gillard faced the end of her government and possibly her career. she survived as prime minister by the narrowest possible margin. >> the election in two weeks ago is the closest in modern memory. what the australian people told us, they told us on an uncertain terms -- that we will be held more accountable than ever before. >> the election august 21 ended in deadlock. neither julia gillard's ruling labor party nor tony avant's coalition had enough seats -- t
Sep 29, 2010 6:00pm PDT
only one winner on the night, or can there? the communication calamity on "australia's next top model." the talk from intelligence sources is of a major al qaeda plot on the scale of the mumbai attacks two years ago. western agencies say they have uncovered the early stages of a plan aimed at european targets thanks to surveillance of militants in waziristan. strikes by unmanned american drones have been said to reach their highest intensity in six years. >> could the mumbai model of attack of 2008 be repeated in europe? the plot uncovered this summer would suggest it could be. small, well armed teams of gunman move between buildings slaughtering civilians. the plan detected in its early stages is still being tracked. for al qaeda leaders, this is a different tactic. why the change? >> it is obvious that mumbai will have given security planners cause for thought. my understanding is that quite a lot of work has been done to look at this in the context of a wider initiative to look at the security of crowded places. >> the plot has been traced to waziristan, in pakistan's tribal areas,
Sep 14, 2010 5:30am EDT
. yesterday, she outdid herself. >> you're going to australia! going to australia! you and you and you. >> she's taking her audience to australia. it got better. look who got off the plane? this is like a parody, it's too good to be true. john travolta, her dear friend, johnny, is going to be flying the audience to australia on that airplane he got off saluting. how do you live up to this now? this is her first show. she's got a long way to go. it could be a fun season to watch. >>> all right, let's talk some more politics now. nancy pelosi's challenger has no chance of defeating miss pelosi. but he's going to try. mainly with this ad right here where he compares nancy pelosi to the wicked witch of the west. >> hello, my pretty! i will save you from those evil republicans. my pay $18,000 a month for my downtown office and then go to massive debt, the wall street bailouts. and here are my monkeys to make you pay for it all. >> step back, everyone. oh, i'm melting. >> thank you for saving us, who are you? oh. >> i'm john dennis. >> that's mr. john dennis. mr. john dennis pouring a bucket
Sep 28, 2010 12:18pm EDT
. it will launch next year. >>> still ahead, its final look >>> women in australia are not letting high-heeled shoes slow them down, they had the fastest relay race in stilettos, a world record. they were wearing three-inch heels. the guinness world record officially confront this. they've won $10,000. 100 women and one man or in the race, which raised money for breast cancer research. i wonder how many sprained ankles there were. >> they do an event on 17th street each year before halloween. there are a lot of white ballots. that is interesting. >> it was for a good cause. >> exactly. this afternoon we have temperatures that will reach the low 80s. the extended outlook shows late tomorrow, showers. teddy rain expected on thursday with highs in the mid 70's. when the system goes through, as out of cooler and warmer fresh air in time for the weekend. taste of bethesda on saturday, temperatures in the mid to upper 60's with sunshine. sunshine sticks around sunday and monday with nighttime lows in the upper 40's by friday night. everything is working out to our of advantage. we need t
Sep 29, 2010 5:30am EDT
the well-known host of australia's top model makes it dramatic announcement of the winner. music played, tears of international fame dance in the winner's head. but, wait, there's a problem. a really big problem. we'll tell you about that in a moment. but first, let's get to the news live at 5:30 a.m. here at 30 rock in new york city. >>> a new nbc news "wall street journal" poll shedding light on the way americans are feeling. 59% say the country is head in the wrong direction. 32% say the u.s. is on the right track. with that in mind, 46% of likely voters believe the republicans should control congress compared to 43% in favor of democrats. that's within the margin of error and represents a smaller gap than last month when republicans held a nine-point advantage over democrats. this is what they want. 75% want a reduction in special interest influence. 70% want to elect outsiders. 54% want to bring more conservatism to the republican party and 54% want to see repeal of the health care reform. 42% of those say tea party is good for politics. when it comes to the president's job
Sep 8, 2010 5:00pm PDT
. >>> australia has finally resolved its political vacuum more than two weeks after the inclusive election. prime minister julia gillard retains power but she faces difficult challenges ahead. >> thank you. can i say we live in a lively and resilient democracy and it works. we will be held to higher standards of transparency and reform, and it's in that spirit that i approach the task of forming a government. >> gillard secured support from three independent and one green lawmakers to form a thin majority in the hung parliament. gillard's labor party lost its majority in the august 21st vote, despite a robust economy. now, there are concerns australia may be headed toward a political instability. our reporter yuko aotani earlier spoke with an australian expert in melbourne. >> thank you very much for joining us, dr. alan moran. >> pleased to be with you. >> julia gillard in her speech has mentioned that her purpose was to serve the australian people, of which half of them actually voted against her. how will the gillard administration unify the nation now? >> i don't think it will unify th
Sep 29, 2010 10:00pm EDT
australia's next top model. in tonight's "word on the web". >> hear from the omen playing in baltimore's nnwest professional spprts leagu >> sounding the alarm about the pension problem in maryland. workers has about a problemúe across the country. and now the non-parttsan calvert institute has released a report3 critical of maryland's pension funding. group conttnds that maryland's pension program is much more under funned than it even appears to be. >> if people understand the extent of under funding, and the extent to which state conttibutions are going to have to escalate. there will necessarily have to be curtailment of benefits in >> well, a spokesman for thee3 pension board is critical of the report saying it is too incoherent to even respooddto. >> new poll out tonight gives governor o'malley a double digit lead over republican challenger -oberr ehhlich. 1400 adults surveyed by the washington post favor governor o''alley 52 to 41 percent. major change from several polls that shoo a dead heat in the gubernatorial raceein maryland. when it comes to the state budget, 43 percent of
Aug 31, 2010 5:15pm PDT
to australia. that was the intention. but shortly of after the 747 took off one of the engines blew and the pilots were forced to come back to sfo. anne makovec reports. >> reporter: these pictures were taken by a cbs 5 viewer right after qantas flight 74 hit safe ground this morning at sfo. you can see what appears to be a hole in the engine compartment after an engine blowout over the pacific ocean. >> there was a very strong shudder on the right-hand side of the plane, a bit of a bump and the same kind of veer left. >> heard a very strange noise. i knew -- i don't travel that much but i knew it was very wrong. >> reporter: more than 200 passengers had a travel tale that started more than 45 minutes into the flight bound to australia. >> people on the right-hand side of the plane seemed very shocked and apparently there was some flames coming out that side of the plane. >> it was a vibration, push and feel something was wrong, very uncertain for a period of time until the captain announced the engine blew up. >> reporter: the plane flew around for a while to get rid of fuel and re
Sep 13, 2010 5:30pm PDT
take them to australia. >> that is right. and thanks for joining us. >>> tonight on "world news" -- investigating the inferno. the latest on what caused that pipeline explosion. and with 2.5 million miles of pipe in america, how to know your neighborhood is at risk. >>> tackling taxes -- 50 days before the election, will you really end up paying less or more? >>> bruised brains among kids who play basketball. why is the danger even greater for girls? >>> and a hero's story -- he's getting his medal of honor. and we have that first interview about that life-changing moment of courage. >>> good evening. we can't see them but they are everywhere crisscrossing america -- 2.5 million miles of natural gas pipeline, enough to circle the earth 100 times. tonight, we have the latest on the investigation into the california explosion, as stunned residents there head home to see what's left of their neighborhood. neal karlinsky tells us how investigators are looking at the age of the pipes and piecing together the clues. he's in san bruno again this monday for us. good evening, neal. >> re
Sep 2, 2010 6:00pm PDT
off to the registry office. >> we wish you a lot of luck. australia is edging closer to a new government after last month's inconclusive elections. the. mp for tasmania has said he will back the labor leader and not the conservative from sydney. phil mercer reports. >> australia's governing labor party is a step closer to retaining power, thanks to a former intelligence analyst. andrew willkie is one of four onemp's who will decide -- one of four mp's who will decide who forms the governor. labor is still two short but is now the bookmakers' favorite to win this tight race against the conservative operation. mr. wilke is urging his fellow kingmakers to make up their minds sooner rather than later. >> i would hope that this sends a signal to the other three independents and the move as quickly as they can to make their decisions and to decide to support a party or parties in a way which will bring maximum stability. >> the prime minister has also struck a deal with the greens as she tries to build a minority government. the price will be concessions on climate change policy whi
Sep 2, 2010 7:00am EDT
. will this time be any different? one down and two to go, at the prime minister of australia gets within a whisker of retaining power after the backing of an independent mp. hoping for the best -- evacuation's on the east coast of america as hurricane earl gathers force. how does delayed for doeschilean trapped miners as rescuers helped with the rescue shaft. hello, and welcome. i am george alaiah. the four-door enough, we could be on the brink of an astonishing middle east breakthrough -- if words were enough. this latest effort in washington to find peace between israelis and palestinians will be as tough, and perhaps as disappointing as others before it. president obama says another opportunity may not come soon. will this time be any different? steve assesses the chances. >> all together now, an ambitious u.s. president and the middle east leaders his urging to walk the path of peace. they have come to talk face-to- face for the first time in 20 months, and regions is that he is here in good faith. >> we will spare no effort, and we will work diligently, and tirelessly to ensu
Sep 7, 2010 12:30am PDT
. australia should find out shortly who will be the next prime minister. police in britain say they may investigate new allegations by one of the top-selling newspapers. in pakistan, survivors find more destruction of the waters receded. -- as the waters recede. hello, and welcome. faced with a stagnant economy and the possibility of an electoral disaster for his democratic party in november, barack obama has unveiled a new $50 billion spending plan and launched an attack on republican critics. could this be a transformation of the president's message? >> the president of the united states did not even have enough time. at the labor day campaign, he was all fired up. >> i am going to keep fighting every single day, every single hour, every single minute to turn this economy around. >> they were all keen to answer something he had not heard and a long time. these days obama has to campaign on his record, and that means explaining the unemployment rate of 9.6%, after nearly $800 billion of stimulus spending. today he proposed selling out even more cash. -- doling out even more cash. >> i
Sep 14, 2010 4:00am EDT
members were invited to join oprah on an all--expenses-paid trip, to australia. her staff had a few surprises up their sleeves for her, as well, including a tear-jerking serenade, from paul simon. >> who knows what's next, after you've given cars away and trips to sydney for eight days. >>> coming up next, the stories we'll be following today. stay with us. swipe your card please. excuse me...? this belongs to you... you. excuse me... this is yours... thank you! you're welcome. with chase freedom you can get a total of 5% cash back in your pocket. fun money from freedom. this is yours! thank you! what? that's 5% cash back in quarterly bonus categories all year long. does your card do this? sign up for this quarter's bonus today. chase what matters. go to rheumatoid arthritis going? they'reiscovering the first self-injectable ra medicine you take just once a month. it's simponi™, and taken with methotrexate, it helps relieve the pain, stiffness, and swelling of ra with one dose a month. visit to see if you qualify for a full year of co
Sep 10, 2010 5:30pm EDT
nature of keeping the peace and the need to mark the border once and for all. >> in -- and australia who cycled around europe looking for his missing son looks like he will be reunited. he quit his job as a fireman to search for his 6-year-old. the boy was abducted by his mother in 2008. >> he cycled more than 3,000 miles across nine countries. the image of his son printed across his clothing, but his surge has come to an end. earlier this week he got an anonymous e-mail telling him his son had been tracked down. >> i have been cycling between nuremberg and [unintelligible] i checked my e-mails and there was an e-mail from somebody who was unidentified. it simply said, andrew has been found. he is safe. authorities will contact you. >> andrew was abducted in australia by his mother in 2008. at first she took her son to germany. with no news of his whereabouts, thompson quit his job and set up a web site before starting his tour. andrew is in foster care by his father is hoping to be reunited. >> he has not heard anything about me into 0.5 years. we need to make sure he is comfortable
Sep 2, 2010 2:30pm PDT
were the families are waiting for their loved ones. >> james reynolds there in chile. australia is edging closer to a new government after last month's elections. the independent member of parliament has said he will back the label leader and not the conservative. >> australia's governing labor party is a step closer to retaining power, thanks to a former intelligence analyst. andrew will he is one of four independent recites which of the major parties forms the next government, following an inconclusive election almost a fortnight ago. labor still two seats short of victory, but is now the bookmaker's favorite to win this tight race against the conservative opposition. mr. welty is urging his fellow team makers to make up their minds sooner that -- sooner rather than later. >> i hope this will send a signal to the others and that the move as quickly as they can. this is our time to make the decisions and to decide to support a party or parties in a way which will bring maximum stability. >> the prime minister has also struck a deal with the greens as she tried to build a minority
Sep 13, 2010 6:30pm EDT
] we're going to australia! we are going to australia! >> off to australia. that's john travolta who is a pilot and has flown with qantas. oprah and her audience will make the eight-day trip in december. >>> and the passing of someone who uttered the most famous line from one of the most famous science fiction movies ever, "invasion of the body snatchers." >> they're after you, they're after all of us. our wives, our children, everyone, they're here already! you are next! you're next! >> kevin mccarthy was a respected actor who also starred in the stage and movie versions of "death of a salesman." which earned him an oscar nomination. kevin mccarthy died this weekend. he was 96. >>> still ahead -- the new medal of honor winner, 22 years old, showing what courage looks like, his first interview. ations. hoo? omnaris. [ men ] omnaris -- to the nose! [ man ] did you know nasal symptoms like congestion can be caused by allergic inflammation? omnaris relieves your symptoms by fighting inflammation. side effects may include headache, nosebleed, and sore throat. [ inhales deeply ] i told my al
Sep 29, 2010 5:30pm EDT
presenter of the show "australia's next top model," and the lucky winner who was halfway to her acceptance speech when it became clear there was a horrible mistake. >> the winner, and australia's next top model for 2010, is -- >> two models. tens of thousands of viewers watching at home. a live television era that will soon be seen by millions on the web. >> it is you, kelsey. >> she thought she had been awarded the coveted title of australia's top model. there were fireworks, the promise of run my fame, even a victory speech. >> i want to thank the crew and the judges. without them, there would be no show. this is crazy. >> but the 19-year-old was about to become fashion's latest victim. >> i do not know what to say right now. i am feeling about -- a bit sick about this. >> the bearer of the bad news, sarah murdoch, the doctor in law of the media baron, rupert. >> it is a complete accident. it is amanda. i am so sorry. >> it is all right. it is ok. >> oh god. >> this book had been a squeak or two. so close there had been a miscommunication between the producers backstage and the presenter
Sep 7, 2010 2:30pm PDT
committed suicide. more than two weeks of political deadlock that ended in australia. labor's julia gillard has won and will continue as prime minister. she has announced she is ready to lead what she calls a stable and effective administration. interesting phrase since she has been narrowest possible majority. howard nick bryant reports from sydney. >> it is like the finale of the tv reality show, with the winner kept a closely-guarded secret. it all came down to two of the so-called three amigos. >> my vote will be going to the julia gillard government. >> i am confirming for the governor general of australia that i will do what i have always done, ironically, and give confidence to government. >> julia gillard faced the end of her government and possibly her career. she survived as prime minister by the narrowest possible margin. >> the election two weeks ago was the closest in modern memory. but the australian people told us in no uncertain terms on that day and the days that followed is this -- that we will be held more accountable than ever before. >> the election august 21 en
Sep 20, 2010 7:00am EDT
poised for a sharp revaluation. >> australia is booming once again. it is largely thanks to china. beijing's efforts to stimulate the chinese economy prompted a surge in demand for products like coal and iron ore. that has helped fuel australia's economy which is growing at the fastest pace in three years. it attracted a wave of investment into the mining sector. to prevent the economy from overheating the central bank has increased interest rates sharply over the past year, leaving a much higher than in many of the developed countries. as a result, the value of the australian dollar has been climbing rapidly. it is worth almost as much as its american namesake. but experts warned it may not go much higher and could fall dramatically. there is a concern the slowdown in global growth of demand for australia's exports and also fears that prime minister gillard, a tax on mining firms, could deliver a further blow. it means investors are likely to seek safety in the old-fashioned values of the american greenback and turn away from the upstart aussie. >> let us take a look of the europ
Sep 14, 2010 5:00am EDT
. >> we are going to australia! >> that is right, she said australia. she is taking all of those people to australia. john travolta will be their pilots. the final season will be bigger and better than ever. to see pictures, you can visit our website, click on entertainment. >> do you know john travolta was a pilot for qantas airlines? that is what they said yesterday on the show. >> how about that. 59 degrees on tv hill. >> the heated race for the state's attorney will be decided today. more on that coming up. >> things are pretty quiet right now, but we do have some rain in the forecast later in the week. >> pretty quiet on the area roads with one exception. roads with one exception. there is a downed my commute home to the eastern shore every night only takes an hour but that's more time than congress spends reading massive spending bills, it's crazy. that's why i wrote a law that requires 72 hours to read every bill. i read the big bills and i said no. no to the $3 trillion budget, no to the bank bailout, and no to the health care bill. at home you would never pay
FOX News
Sep 11, 2010 10:30am EDT
apologize up front. oining me now the former prime minister of australia was here in this city that day and he joins me now, he with president bush leading the war terror then, he is back with me right now. mr. prime minister, what have we learned since then, do you think? >> i think we learned that you can have unexpected attacks on your countrny. i was in washington when it appened. i was in fact doing a news conference when the plane was driven into the pentagon and i'd seen president bush for the very first time the day before. we didn't talk about the possibility of a terrorist attack because it wasn't on the radar at that time and i think it was just a reminder of the unpredictability of things and also a reminder when you're dealing with people whore prepared to sacrifice their own lives as well as the lives of other people to achieve their ideological objectives, you're fighting a different kind of enemy. old, s not a battle of with are armies rolled across borders. this is when you're fighting an invisible enemy andha an enemy that infiltrates your society, can come from wi
Sep 7, 2010 6:00pm PDT
pakistan's tribal areas and has been the target of several militant attacks this year. australia finally has the government after 17 days of political wrangling following an election which resulted in a hung parliament. the prime minister's labor party has managed a one-seat majority with the support of independence. she took over leadership just weeks ago in a party revolt ousting the prime minister. she is the first woman to be elected australian prime minister. >> julia gillard is to retain power by the slimmest of margins. it marks the end of two months of uncertainty which began. she said australia's worst political crisis in a generation was now over. >> labor is prepared to leave us stable, effective, and secure government for the next three years. hours will be a government with just one purpose. and that is to serve the australian people. >> independent lawmakers or part of a trio of key makers love to decide who would govern australia. after securing a pledge by gillard address rule needs, the give the labor party control of 76 need site -- seats in the 150-seat house of repres
Sep 13, 2010 11:00pm PDT
going to australia. >>reporter: she gave each of the 300 audience members a free trip to australia. celebrity guest were don johnson who turned down a request to appear on the very first show 25 years ago. paul simon also performed a special song for her today. john travolta. her net worth is estimated 2.4 billion dollars. that's why she can afford to take them there. she can take everybody to mars. >> i would rather go to australia. you are kind of our oprah. our expertal leader. why don't you take us somewhere? >> he is not delivering. >> take a map for a little 10 square mile area. anywhere you want. >> san jose here i come. who is to blame for what happened on the 49 ers yesterday? where are they headed? maybe we should send them to mars. smith or crabtree? the coach sharerererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererererer
Sep 29, 2010 4:00pm EDT
where there's a serious bus accident. >> and how australia is dealing with a locust plague. >> and we'll have the forecast. , >>> we want to update the breaks news from montgomery county. a bus crashes off of the ramp. >> that's righting they're still getting the information in. a bus went off on the sky ramp to north 70 on old georgetown road. 270 is a major artery that connects the beltway. one has died and we have learned. two are critically injured and there could be more. a massive triage unit was set up outside of the bus accident. we understand it's a vehicle, we don't know initially, it is a commercial vehicle. there and we know there are people trapped on board and the fire rescue crews are racing in and trying to get the people out of the bus. the bus collided with several other cars and traffic is totally shutdown in the area. it's a busy area during rush hour and this is going to complicate the situation. we'll have more at 5:00 and 6:00. >>> thank you, kai. >>> and two students are facing criminal charges after they beat up a boy who joined a cheerleading squad. this 1
Sep 12, 2010 6:00am PDT
folks down under are getting ready for the arrival of spring in australia. kites fill the sky above sidney's beach as part of the annual festival of the winds. organizers call it australia's largest kite flying event. this is the 32nd year for this festival. people of all ages were enjoying mild late-winter conditions on one of australia's most famous beaches. makes me wanna go. i've never been to australia. >> oh, it's so beautiful. absolutely beautiful. we can get our own kites right here in berkeley. maybe better. certainly our weather is perfect. and i just don't see any complaints about it because not too hot, not too cool for a change. we've got a little bit of fog. this is a live high definition picture from emeryville this morning. sun rises at 6:49. and you can see a little fog, a little bit more so than 24 hours ago. and that's a sign that things are beginning to change just a bit. the fog is fairly dense on 101 north of san francisco. we're also seeing a little bit of cloud cover in bodega bay as far as monterey and salinas and mendocino. not seeing much fog this morning.
Aug 31, 2010 11:00pm PDT
acusaciones de haber despedido a unos bomberos esta madrugada un avión con dirección a australia tuvo que aterrizar en san francisco , luego de que uno de sus motores dejara de funcionar, nadie resultó herido y llevaba 212 pasajeros y la gobernadora de arizona, jan brewer , dijo que las edmandas serían desestoimadas, por la ley sb 1070. >> la llegada de los 1os efectivos de la frontera en arizona, ha despertado fuertes críticas. >> estamos así matando a más inmigrantes . >> lapercepción de que la frontera esta en un estado de caos . >> es una gran mentira. >> el gobierno ha destinado muchos millones de dólares para resguardar la frontera . >> con armas y tanques mandamos un mensaje erróneo acerca de nuestra seguridad. >> los agentes a pesar de estar armados no podrán realizar arrestos. >> es menos las personas que van a a cruzar a comprar. >> necesitaos protección, tambiñn reconozco que hay gente que vienen a ver a sus familiares . >> algunos como la gobernadora de arizona, jan brewer dicen que los esfuerzos son insuficientes . >> y una noticia con norma roque. >> el inmigrante
Sep 14, 2010 7:00am PDT
take all of you with me to the other side of the world. we're going to australia. >> she said she wanted to do something big. and, boy, did she deliver. oprah kicking off her final season by announcing she is taking 300 of her loyal audience members to australia, on qantas airlines. guess who the pilot is going to be? there he is. john travolta. >> oh, nice touch. >> lots of surprises from oprah yesterday. we're going to look at all of it coming up. as we say good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> it's all about the moments in her final season. that was one of them. i'm robin roberts. >>> also this morning, a father's quest for justice. he was the sole survivor of the horrible home invasion that shocked the country. today, dr. william petit will take the stand facing one of the mem accused of killing his family. we'll have that ahead. >>> first, the new york jets are under allegations that players and coaches sexually harassed a female reporter in the team's locker room. the team's owner has apologized. but the controversy is not over yet. the nfl is investigating. a
Aug 31, 2010 5:20pm PDT
be, mainly, australia so the airline put them in bay area hotels last night and send manage of them to los angeles today on their way to sid snee. >>> a passenger's video camera rolled as investigators in amsterdam walked two people off a plane for questioning. both men are live here in the u.s. they are not charged with a crime and may not know each other but suspicious items in one man's luggage prompted speculation they might be prktiesing for a terror attack. a cell phone taped to a pep to pep toe bismol bottle. they wait while investigators sort things out. >>> and today there was a blood drive to help police officer, todd young, who was shot last week serving a search warrant. he under went another round of surgery today which doctors say was successful. although he remains sefly sedated he's serious but stable. so far he's required dozens of pint of blood and still has several surgeries ahead of him. the community is stepping forward by donating their own blood. today was the second day for the blood drive. >>> today was the final day of california's legislative session and t
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